Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

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Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying

Institute for Living and Dying
Vordelbacher Str. 12       D- 65388 Schlangenbad  , Germany
Fon +49-(0)6129-5199060

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CD 6000BARDO- ╔dition franšais€ 39.-
CD 7000BARDO- Korean Version€ 31.-
CD 1001aTransformation and Compassion€ 19.-
CD 1002 aFrom Death to Deathlessness€ 19.-
CD 1002 bAwareness and Desires€ 19.-
CD 1003Consciously entering into death€ 19.-
CD 1004aLast hour of life€ 19.-
CD 1004bDeath- The greatest Illusion€ 19.-
CD 1005OCEANIC Partnership in Meditation€ 19.-
CD 1006 aDissolution in Death€ 19.-
CD 1007 aHealing through Forgiveness€ 19.-
CD 1007 bFrom Fear to Love: Healing Grief€ 19.-
CD 1008Conscious Sleeping and Dreaming€ 19.-
CD 1009The Art of Auto-Hypnosis€ 19.-
CD 1010aRelaxation into your essential being€ 19.-
CD 1010 bChakra Relaxation€ 19.-
CD 1011 bDeath as a friend€ 19.-
CD 1012 aThe Great Death€ 19.-
CD 1012 bHall of mirrors€ 19.-
CD 1015Silence is the answer € 19.-
CD OD 1100Osho Discourse: Death- The greatest Fiction€ 19.-
DVD 1120BARDO- The Great Liberation. 2 Films on DVD€ 25.-


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