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,,A woman goes to Buddha:her child is dead and she is crying and she is weeping,and she is a widow,and she will never have another child and the only child is dead,and that was all her love and all her attention.She goes crying and weeping to Buddha... What did Buddha do? Buddha smiled and said to her:' You go into the town and just find a few mustard seeds from a house where nobody has ever died'. And the woman rushed into the town, and she went to each house.And wherever she went they said: We can give you as many mustard seeds as you want,but the condition will not be fulfilled because so many people have died in our house.And woman,don't be mad! Buddha has played a trick on you.You will not find a single house on the whole earth.'

But she hoped: Maybe .. .who knows? There may be some house that has not known death'. And she went around and around the whole day. By the evening a great understanding had dawned on her:  

,Death is part of life; it happens. it is not something personal, it is not something like a personal calamity that has happened to me'. With that understanding she went to Buddha.

He asked: , Where are the mustard seeds? And she smiled. . and she said: You did it!

She fell at his feet and said: Initiate me. I would like to know that which never dies. don´t ask for my child, because even if he is given to me, he will die again. So what is the point? Teach me something so that can know inside myself that whioh never dies'. 
                      saying goodbye to your beloved


Freedom from attachment

"Everybody is going to pass through the gates of death some day. If you can remember that you are only pure consciousness – not the body, not the mind nor the heart, not your money, not your prestige, not your power, not your house, but pure consciousness – then you can pass through the barrier of death unscratched ... Death has power over you only if you are attached. Freedom from attachment makes you capable of entering into the universal light and becoming one with it and that is the greatest blessing, the ultimate ecstasy beyond which nothing else exists. You have come home." Osho

When a loved one dies

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The energy of desire

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Letting go into Life and Death

Living in truth





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The Burden of the Ego


The energy of desire

"The energy called desire has been condemned for centuries. Almost all the so-called saints have been against it, because desire is life and they were all life-negative. Desire is the very source of all that you see, and they were against all that which is visible. They wanted to sacrifice the visible at the feet of the invisible; they wanted to cut the roots of desire so there would no longer be any possibility of life.

"I have a totally different concept of desire. First, desire itself is God. Desire without any object, desire without being goal-oriented,  unmotivated desire, pure desire, is God. The energy called desire is the  same energy as God. Desire has not to be destroyed, it has to be purified. 

Desire has not to be dropped, it has to be transformed. Your very being is desire; to be against it is to be against yourself and against all. To be  against it is to be against the flowers and the birds and the sun and the moon. To be against it is against all creativity. Desire is creativity.
"The Eastern scriptures are perfectly right when they say that God created the world because a great desire arose in him, a desire to create, a desire to manifest, a desire to make many from one, a desire to expand. 
But these are only metaphors; God is not separate from desire. Desire means a longing, a great longing, to expand, to become huge, to be enormous, as huge as the sky.

"Just watch people, watch desires, and you will understand what I mean. Even in your ordinary desires, the basic thing is present. In fact what the man who wants to have more and more money really wants is not money but expansion, because money can help you expand. You can have a bigger house, you can have a bigger garden, you can have this, you can have that - your territory will be bigger, your freedom will be bigger. With more money you will have more alternatives to choose from. The man who is after money may not know why he is after the money. He may himself think and believe that he loves money, but that is only on the surface of his consciousness. Go deeper into his unconscious, help him to meditate, and you will be surprised and he will be surprised to find that the desire for money is not really the desire for money, it is the desire to expand."
                           Osho - The Book of Wisdom

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