CD|DVD- Program. The Spiritual Dimensions of Living and Dying, Healing and Meditation.

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CD- program related to issues of living, dying,
meditation, consciousness, healing and essential realization

Awareness Processes              Hypnosis          Healing     
Autohypnosis       Guided Meditations             Relaxation

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BARDO -  Awakening from the Dream

Meditation on the TIBETAN BOOK OF THE DEAD

BARDO - Awakening from the Dream. The Tibetan Book of the Dead

A contemporary edition of the ancient tibetan meditation about the transition called death: the dissolution of body-mind, and ego-personality , and the possible conscious choice of a new rebirth following a conscious death.  A conscious death, and a conscious birth, hold the highest potential for an authentic spiritual awakening.

Original Music by CHINMAYA         Text and Voice by VEETMAN      180 min

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4 CD Set in Audiobook   |   CD 1000      EUR 39.-            mp3-download  31.- EUR    

        BARDO|  Being with a dying friend          Download of complete BARDO script inside CD-booklet.



CD Transformation and Compassion

Transforming your pain, suffering
and unconsciousness

Atisha´s heart meditation about transforming   pain , fear and suffering into joy, light and compassion.
The natural quality of the spiritual heart center is compassion. It can transform suffering and darkness into light and healing when used in a conscious way, by riding on the breath.

Soon you will be able to expand your compassion to others and the whole world.

CD 1001a       EUR 19.-

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                also for mp3-download






CD From death to deathlessness

From Death to Deathlessness
Deep physical relaxation, suggestions for witnessing the body dying , and for the realization of our deathlessness as pure eternal consciousness

"Death brings a very intense possibility to understand...In a single moment it shakes you. If you are not alert you will miss that moment, the moment is very tiny. If you are alert, then that very moment becomes a door into the divine".

CD 1002 a      EUR 19.-

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CD Liberation and disidentification

The Nature of Desires
Desire,it´s nature and function is a mysterious and sometimes painful aspect of human life and death.
This is a guided meditation
about witnessing the nature of desires and attachments, the conscious disidentifikation, and the ultimate understanding that desire can lead us to our deepest heart´s nature, our true nature.

 CD 1002 b        EUR 19.-    40 min 

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  Meditation- CD. Consciously entering into death

 Consciously Entering  into Death

Witnessing your dead body burning.

A profound meditation about impermanence
and disidentification from the physical body.

With preliminary explanation and Natural Fire Sounds
as a background

CD 1003         EUR 19.-         also for mp3-download  

more description | audioclip

            LAST HOUR OF LIFE



   CD Last hour of life

Last Hour of Life

An experience in relaxation  about presence and totality
in living and dying

In a deeply relaxed state you confront yourself with the fact of your physical mortality and the insight that you have only one moment  and one day at a time to make your life complete and to live beautifully,so that in your death you can let go with gratitude and dignity that arises from having lived your life totally and consciously.

Recognize that postponement is a big part of the fear of death:
Knowing that you have not fully lived your uniqueness creates fear of death.

CD 1004 a      EUR 19.-     45 min

more description | audio- clip   also for mp3-download


CD Death- the greatest Fiction

Death-  The Great Illusion

Guided Deep Relaxation
Understanding life and death as complementaries is healing and fosters fearlessness and relaxation for the conscious and the unconscious mind.

Meeting your Inner Guide, you inquire about the significance of your life and your eternal evolution.
Listening in an altered state of consciousness creates seeds of understanding and authentic trust into the true nature of your being here.     42 min

More description | audioclip

CD 1004 b      EUR 19.-    also for mp3-download   




CD.Partnership in Meditation. Conscious Relating

OCEANIC Partner  Meditation

Recognizing and honouring each others Essential Being, opening for the  awareness of Oneness 35 min

Atisha´s Heart Meditation for Partners
Transforming difficulties, suffering and unconscious behaviour patterns through the qualities of the spiritual heart chakra: acceptance, compassion and non-judgementalness.        40 min

Two meditations about the understanding that in our essence we are not separate, we are interconnected - the foundation for a mature intimate relationship.

More description | audioclip  

CD 1005          EUR 19.-      also for mp3-download


           DEATH- THE GREATEST FICTION          

CD Dissolution of the elements in dying

Dissolution  of the Elements in Dying

A guided meditation about witnessing the death process and the dissolution of body/ mind from the inner center of consciousness.
As long as we know death and dying only from the outside, we live in fear of all experiences of expansion, which limits our courage and expression.

This process challenges and dissolves the belief of death as the end of our existence. When the fear of death dissolves through deep understanding of our essential nature, we are free to live authentically and in fearlessness.
CD 1006a           EUR 19.-   
  60 min     

More description | audioclip also for mp3-download
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CD Forgiveness

To forgive is to set a prisoner free
and discover that the prisoner was you.

Conscious Forgiveness

A guided process on Conscious Authentic Forgiveness, allowing us to release  past wounds and hurts and see reality as it is now.

Authentic Forgiveness is a quality of the heart center, it arises when we understand that the ego cannot exist in the present moment , it cannot forgive because it clings to misery and separation.
This meditation includes an excerpt from an Osho discourse on ego and forgiveness.        
45 min 

We recommend this process also for those facing terminal illnesses. Authentic Forgiveness holds the potential for profound healing on physical and psychological levels.

More description | audioclip

CD 1007a         EUR 19.-      also for mp3-download

                         FROM FEAR TO LOVE : HEALING GRIEF

    CD Healing Grief and Loss

Healing Grief

A heart meditation. Healing  the protections around the heart center, allowing the natural expression of grief , which is a necessary process for life to go on after the loss of a beloved, a friend, or a cherished part of life...  

This guided meditation touches the heart center
through the grief point.
Long held pain and sadness can be released
opening the meditator towards compassion,
understanding and inner peace.

   also for mp3-download

1007 b      40 min      EUR 19.-
  See also: Osho on Grief and Loss




CD Conscious sleeping and Dreaming


Explanation of conscious sleeping and dreaming 
The significance of being conscious in dreaming and sleeping as a powerful help to be more conscious in life and death.

before going to sleep
Being the Witness in sleeping and dreaming

nce you can know dreamless sleep and can be aware in it, then there will be no fear of death. No one has ever died, no one can die.

More description | audioclip

CD 1008 
      EUR 19.-         also for mp3-download




     The Art of Autohypnosis

2 guided techniques of Self - Hypnosis

Learning and utilizing auto-hypnosis for inner changes and accessing inner potentials and resources for many aspects of life, for self-healing and creating more consciousnes

Osho has described self-hypnosis as one of the most important tools for spiritual growth, which can be used in many areas of life.You can use it for meditation, to deepen your silence, and also to feel more relaxed and playful amid the speed and tension of the "market place".

Self-Hypnosis can be adapted in a creative way to apply to your unique situation - the possibilities are unlimited.    70 min

CD 1009          EUR 19.-             

More description | audioclip     
also for mp3-download



CD Relaxing into your Essential Being - Veetman


Healing Visualisation, Alertness in Relaxation, Extensive Relaxation of Body, Heart and Being into the innermost Center
: the silence and peace of your Essence.

A guided relaxation to foster deeper levels of meditation
and inner silence
           45 min

         CD 1010 a                EUR 19.-

More description | audioclip        also for mp3-download



Chakra Relaxation

Relaxing the seven Chakras (Energy-Centers) and the corresponding  subtle bodies, releasing deep old tensions and misunderstandings of the subtle bodies.

Once the subtle bodies are more in balance and attuned to their natural function, our consciousness is enhanced, and our physical body responds with wellbeing & health.
   40 min

            CD 1010 b             EUR 19.-

More description | audio clip   also for mp3-download



 The Imagination of Death for deep  MEDITATION

CD Death and Meditation

Death and Meditation

Guided Autohypnosis with suggestions for deep relaxation of body, breath, mind and heart, and for witnessing the body as dead.

The imagination of death serves
as a support to enter deeper levels of meditation, for understanding experientally the essentials of meditation: natural inner silence, non-judgemental awareness, and non-doing.

This meditation allows a deep acceptance and integration of the complementaries of life and death.

CD 1011a
      19.- EUR      45 min

More description | audioclip    also for mp3-download

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Death as a Friend

Deep physical relaxation, suggestions for understanding death as a friend that renews life and reminds you to live your life as beautifully and as present as possible.
Going beyond the negative pattern of postponing aliveness and love.
"We are here to leave this world more beautiful
than we found it".

CD 1011 b       19.- EUR      50 min
More description | audio clip     
also for mp3-download


                                        THE GREAT DEATH | From Ego to Essence I

CD The Great Death

The Great Death
A guided meditation about going into the unknown beyond the ego-personality, towards inner emptiness and the essential enquiry of who we really are.
In Zen it is called  "the great death".

     CD 1012 a           EUR 19.-

more description | audioclip      also for mp3-download

HALL OF MIRRORS | From Ego to Essence II

 CD Hypnosis for Disidentification

Hall of Mirrors

Hypnosis  on dissolving the unconscious identification  with the false self-images to create space for the real being, your Essence.     
This CD is helpful with the inner work of recognizing and liberating oneself from the aspect of the "Inner Judge", also called the Super-Ego or Inner Critic.
CD 1012 b
   EUR 19.-

more description | audioclip      also for mp3-download



CD Silence is your inner Being

Silence is your inner being

This CD supports the meditator  with beautiful gong sound  every 10 minutes, which deepens the inner silence.

This helps to stay alert and awake in silent meditation,
reminding us to stay AWAKE in the reality of the present moment.

"Silence is your inner being. What is silence? Silence is the inner space or the awareness in which, for example, these words are received and become thoughts. Without this awareness no perception, no thoughts, no world, would exist.
You are this awareness in the disguise of a person"

CD 1015     |   60 min     EUR 19.-      also for mp3-download

We offer a price reduction of 10 % for CD- orders of  75.- and more.

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