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Last Hour of Life

An experience in relaxation  about presence and sincerity in living and dying

In a deeply relaxed state you confront yourself with the fact of your physical mortality and the insight that you have only one moment  and one day at a time to make your life complete and to live beautifully,so that in your death you can let go
with gratitude and dignity that arises from having lived your life totally and consciously.

After this meditation, take an hour to live what the meditation suggests.

And make it a conscious part of your life to answer yourself these questions:
If I had one more year to live:
What would I do different?
What would I really find important to do or experience while I still have time?
What is missing in my life, incomplete, unfulfilled?

Explore these questions with openess, honesty and sincerity.
Let your answers be a guide to what needs more attention and healing in your life.
Recognize that postponement is a big part of the fear of death:
Knowing that you have not fully lived your uniqueness creates fear of death.

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