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From Ego to Essence



CD Hall of Mirrors. Dissolving the identification with ego-personality

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A guided meditation about going into the unknown beyond the ego-personality,
towards inner emptiness and the essential enquiry of who we really are.

In Zen it is called  "the great death".

In this meditation the meditator is encouraged to consciously
cut off from all relationships
that support our selfimage, our identification with the false personality.
In this way only the question: Who am I ? remains, which triggers the quest for that
which is real, for that which always remains, without any doubt.
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Ericksonian Hypnosis  on dissolving the unconscious identification
with the false self-images to create space for the real being, your true nature , or Essence.
In an altered state of consciousness, a state of focused awareness and deep relaxation,
the distorted self-images that we have developed out of the demands and expectations of others,
are destroyed.

When these conditioned self-images are recognized as false and destructive to authentic fulfillment,
they are released internally, and the life energy is free to move towards authenticity and freedom f
rom all adopted beliefs and patterns.

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          Buy both titles  in one mp3-download    13.- EUR


What you can do with your mp3 downloads.

All these audio files are in mp3 format

Being a compressed format, the file sizes are smaller, making them easier to download from the net,
but what about the audio quality? We hope you'll be pleasantly surprised.

All our Mp3 files are now encoded at 256kbps bit rate (VBR).

These VBR Mp3 files should be compatible with your iPod or other player, however if you have any difficulty
playing them, please contact us.
You will need to load these Mp3 files into your iTunes library for uploading to your iPod.

Burning to CD

You can burn your album as either an audio or mp3 CD. If burning as an audio CD, check that the gap
between tracks is set at zero seconds, and that the disc will burn DAO (Disc At Once, meaning the laser
stays on continually during the whole burn), not TAO (Track At Once, which turns the laser off and on between
tracks resulting in a micro gaps and clicks).

We have included a pdf -file giving you artwork suitable for a CD/ DVD case.

Happy listening, and feel free to contact us with your feedback or suggestions.

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