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spiritual dimensions
of living and dying

BARDO- The Tibetan Book of the Dead, on CD.

More description and audioclips


BARDO film on YouTube


180 min with explanation booklet

Download mp3 |       31.- EUR  |     High Quality 256 kbit/s

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After your payment you will receive instructions by email
for downloading the mp3- files, cover and instructions- booklet,
with your username and password

The complete BARDO text is also available
for  Download.  Password inside included booklet.

In case of any technical difficulties with your download,
please contact our team
by email or  phone +49- 5509- 942908

Please be aware that we are occasionally away facilitating seminars.
At these times there may be a slight delay in answering orders, as our office may be attended only once a week. Details of these circumstances will be posted to you.


Tibet is no more the old Tibet, but we can create the situation, the psychology, where Bardo - more evolved - can help people. It is a beautiful process.

Just as Japan has brought Zen from buddhist sources of meditation, Tibet has brought from the same buddhist sorces of meditation BARDO. These are their immortal contributions. When nuclear weapons are forgotten, still these discoveries will have the same significance.           - Osho


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