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meditation - science of the inner

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When your meditation has reached its highest peak, all your efforts will have a beauty and a grace and a creativity, which you cannot even imagine.
That´s why I say, don´t separate your spiritual life from ordinary life. Don´t create any separations at all. Let this life be one complete wholeness.
And even if being a witness is difficult in the beginning, it becomes easy if you continue. Gautam Buddha once said: " My teaching is bitter in the beginning, but sweet in the end".        

Meditation is the only way to discover your immortality.

Then all fear of death disappears. All other fears disappear as well, because they were only branches of it- perhaps far away from the roots, but still connected with them.


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meditation: entering into death
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To experience and learn meditation  is often experienced as a turning point where one finds a new meaning and significance in life.

If you want reality, you will have to go through a deep inner search, to find a clear understanding of the mind, an awareness about all its clever ways, so that you can put aside the conditioned thinking structures.

Then it is no more a barrier between you and existence, and the doors are open.
Meditation- science and adventure
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