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 Through including  Essential Astrology into the seminars and the transformational work of the Institute for Living and Dying , the individual´s  capacity to direct   awareness to the essentials  and to open for significant insights is greatly  enhanced.   

Essential Astrology
Sukhi Masshoefer

Vordelbacher Str. 12    
D- 65388 Schlangenbad
      Tel. 05509- 942
Fax 05509- 942901



What is Essential Astrology? 

Pointing out the individual goal of life through the horoscope makes the quest for answering the essential life questions more sensitive: - who am I?...  what is the purpose of my being here?...  what is my destiny?... what gives significance and depths to my life?... how can I grow spiritually?... what  obstructs  the creative flow of my life?... how do I get free from fears, conditionings, limitations?... how can I use the actual challenges  to create my life more fulfilling?... 

When a child is born, the  momentary constellation  of the planets is deeply  imprinted in his mind. The cosmic energies  of this particular  moment, with their  strengths, weaknesses and potentials, are the starting point of his  developing consciousness and influence the child his whole life. Everything that happens in the core of the sun and in the universe  has its resonance in our inner world  and spreads all over our being - because we are  not separate from the universal happening.

In the birth horoscope  the temporal quality of this `cosmic exposure´ is represented , and our whole life unfolds like a movie analogous  with this picture.  The planetary energies that can affect in a supportive or hampering way, are experienced in rhythmic cycles as certain incidents in life

The more unconscious we live, remain  at  the surface of things, the more we are exposed to the negative and to passive  suffering.  When we begin to recognize and to understand  the connections, astrology makes us understand how we can use even the most challenging planetary constellations creatively for our growth by  focusing on them in a creative way. We are not victims. Man has the freedom to choose-  and the more we are ready to open ourselves for the esential qualities of the cosmic energies, and develop them inside us, the earlier we can make changes and dissolve limiting structures.  

With this understanding the horoscope can be a door to spirituality.

Integrated  part of the seminars is the work with vital  life questions and conflicts  using the astrological  charts. The psychological personality structure is made visible and the life goal can be indicated. Through this support for understanding the individual path our vision becomes free for solutions, and courage is created to work on developing the essential qualities of  our  true  being.

 Individual sessions  with Sukhi