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The Age of Awakening

The Evolution of Consciousness cannot be avoided .

It seems that we are living in an age of awakening. This may not be obvious immediately, when we watch the news and become witnesses of violence, wars and the overwhelming suffering that human beings cause on each other. Then it appears as if nothing has changed or is becoming even worse. What we see is is the unconsciousness of the human mind, appearing in front of our eyes.

This is the world that we create when we are not conscious of the one source which connects and supports all of us, and instead  identify with opinions, judgements, labels and beliefs. The one source, the one consciousness, that exists before and beyond all form- skin color, gender, culture, religion- even before every thought which mind could think.

When we watch the world events on TV, we see in reality nothing else than the effects of human unconsciousness,. But the main cause  is only in ourselves, and therefore can be dissolved.

Only then a new world can be created.