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 counseling for grief and loss

When we lose a beloved or a life situation we feel attached to,  we experience a natural time of grief. Grief needs to be lived and understood in order for life to go on developing. Unlived grief can cause depression, resignation or psychosomatic results.

Grief that has been lived and gone through opens our heart in compassion for all human beings, and allows us to essentially understand  and accept  life and death. It can bring a great transformation to our ways of  looking at life.

We accompany  those who are confronted with loss and grief, by being present and open to meet  psychological pain,fear and deep emotions with compassion and the willingness to listen,  in order to encourage, support and  bring awareness into this crucial time after a personal loss, so that life can go on with greater depths , strength and  also vulnerability.

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GRIEF- the time that follows the loss of a beloved friend, of a home, a big attachment, or a cherished work,  is a  human and deeply transforming experience. When it seems that our life falls apart, when we are facing the fact that everything in life has to end. Grief is potentially transforming , if allowed and understood, because it breaks the protections around our hard ego personality and makes us aware of our dreams of permanence.It forces us to find meaning in our pain, and to find the immortality of consciousness and of a love that has been lived and shared without any holding back while we were still alive and together.

The pain of grief, if understood and  allowed its own time to heal and to explore inner states of being and emotions, can transform us, it can open our hearts to the reality of love and compassion. It makes us aware that everything in this life is fleeting, and that our true security can only be in finding that which survives death- our essence, our consciosuness. Times of grief will ultimately make us stronger and more connected with the divine that is always surrounding us -  but we are never present to it , and always engaged in dreams and activities. This makes us miss the reality that only this moment exists to participate in life.

Grief rituals can help us to move through these difficult times when our hearts are torn open , when the incompleteness of our life is obvious, when we are aware of all the love we have not shared, and all the creativity that has not been expressed because we always postponed. Everything in our time persuades us that our efforts will give us lasting security in this fast changing world- but nobody has ever achieved that.


Our modern world is changing faster than any time before in history, and the individual is exposed to so many changes in lifestyle, demands, is forced to cope with  many situations that are painful lo live with.

Meditation is the only answer to give us the inner peace and centeredness, to allow us to live in a more harmonious way with nature and each other, with mutual support, and a  loving  care of the old and dying.

          A poem about death

I want to write about death .That which strips us to the pure nakedness, vulnerable and bare like a newborn child in its first cry to the world. "where will this journey take me?"
The skin erect with alertness.The heart shivering.The breath seizing, as I allow the stepping through the door, so silently, yet leaving me changed  forever.
  It pushes me to the bottom of the ocean. The place where sound has vanished and only vastness remains.
It forces me to be still, grasping to let in all itīs facets like a diamond shimmering in the light, blinding me with its power.
It tears at me to the breaking point like the sound of cracking ice on a winter lake.
It stretches me beyond the smallness of myself, and leaves me filled with emptiness.
Just this moment... so utterly precious....if only I could live my life from this place!

 -by priya hansen-

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