Individual Sessions in HYPNOSIS


-for learning deep relaxation-for deepening meditation

-for positive motivation towards personal  important changes

-for stress management
-for dissolving fears, phobias and panic

-for freedom from smoking
-for clear insight and self counseling
-for allergies and asthma
-for pain control
-for skin problems
-strengthening self- worth and self -confidence
-with weight problems and eating disorders
-with sleeping disorders
-improvement of athletic performance
- for birth preparation
-with relationship problems
-for death preparation
-help with chemotherapy
-and for  support with many other changes
or difficult situations in which we need access
to our inner unconscious  healing forces

HYPNOSIS: Help from the Unconscious  

Hypnotherapy starts from the understanding  that every human being carries the solution to all of his problems already inside himself.  Hypnotherapy utilizes these hidden potentials and makes them conscious and accessible.

There are many myths and prejudices  about hypnosis, while most of them are not true. the hypnotherapist cannot force anything on the patient, quite the contrary is true: hypnosis can only reveal that which is already present inside.

The state of hypnosis is an interplay of deep relaxation und highest concentration. It can be recognized by physical, psychological and sensory indications.  Muscletension is balanced, time perception is altered, and one has a feeling of distance from daily life. In this altered  trancelike state of consciousness the unconscious comes to the surface. 

With the help on the hypnotherapist who guides the session we can discover the world of our feelings and thoughts in a new way, and in this way liberate previously unknown aspects of our psyche. Ultimately it seems to be this experience of a new inner world and its potentials that leads finally to  healing.

Hypnosis: who can benefit from it?

Basically everybody can experience hypnosis. In the hands of an experienced hypnotherapist this method has no risks or sideeffects. The unconscious remains always "awake"  and allows only those things which  you want and what is beneficial for you.

Hypnotherapy has proven  helpful with these problems:

-Obsessions ( alkohol, nikotin, obesity, etc.)

-Fears and phobias

- Neurosis


- Psychosomatic disturbances

It also helps relaxation and is used for pain reduction and as an alternative for narcosis. Hypnotherapy supports the healing process with:

Asthma, High Bloodpressure, Neurodermitis, Skin problems, Allergies

Hypnosis also gains a growing importance  in clinical medicine. The hypnotherapeutical treatment of cancer patients for strenghtening the immune system and/or reducing the side effects of chemotherapy   is often applied .