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Sukhi Masshöfer

with SUKHI

Individual Astrological Counseling

Composit Astrological Counseling for couples

Personal or by telephone 
with tape recording

Factors for Interpretation

-sun sign: selfrealization, the journey of the soul, conscious search, 
" who am I?" 

- ascendent: the personal issue in the unconscious, the answer to the question: " why am I here?"

-the moonsign: the emotional attitude out of which life is experienced, receptivity and feelings.

-the planets and their aspects: the strenghts, weaknesses, and potentials

-the transits: the actual challenges, the steps of development und the opportunities to develop

-life´s goal and the moonnode: the destiny, the result of this life

partnership horoscope

-the task of the relationship

-energyflow and obstacles, the shared path

-common growth  and possibilities of development in the relation- difficulties, challenges, creativity, potentials-the goal of the relation, what the relation
can give to others

Individual Sessions are also available
during and after the seminars

home  siteinfos  healing & consciousness   the institute  program   transformation   meditation   CD-program   contact