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"If you can expose your wounds to love and to compassion, there is no other miracle greater than that. Love heals.
Soon you will not find even a trace of the wounds, and when you are healed completely, your life becomes not a burden, not a drag, but a joy and a dance."     - Osho

Whenever we need to take a big step  in our personal  evolution, whenever  we are confronted with difficult or deeply painful situations, in order to learn essential lessons, we often experience a life crisis, resignation or depression, because we don´t  understand or accept  the hidden learnings in these situations. Spiritual therapy helps to gain more understanding and consciousness, and to heal those aspects of our being that have lost essential qualities by negative conditionings. 


In order to live a fulfilled and significant life, we need to live humanely.Our problems, disappointments and conflicts are most of all the results of an unnatural life. If we are not in harmony with what we are supposed to be, this will manifest itself  as disharmony, conflict, problems, and as physical or psychological disturbances.

A natural life is not dominated by some authority´s expectations, but it is a life in harmony with the natural laws of our existence and with what we really are.

INDIVIDUAL THERAPY                     

is helpful   as a method for liberation from life-negative conditionings  from the past, it dissolves  blocked emotions and tensions, and lets us experience  that  essentially we have  everything inside us  to feel alive and  healthy- to be truly humane. Spiritual Therapy is not aimed at creating a better personality, but at making one aware of  one´s uniqueness and the center of consciousness within each person. It begins with love and  full acceptance of one´s being and points towards meditation as a way to reach our ultimate state , the highest peak of human consciousness - enlightenment.


supports the integration of therapeutical work. It gives us insights into our essential being. meditation is a method to being us in touch with the more subtle dimensions of our being, and allows  love and humaneness to grow in us- that which is real inside us,  and fully alive. Therapy is clearing the ground for meditation, real spiritual health can only arise out of a meditative, non-judgemental  awareness.more


Unhealed psychological wounds and hurts from traumatic experiences or losses overshadow our abilities to relate and to love ourselves. Out of this arises inability to give and to receive love, as well as isolation,  fear and dysfunctional living.

In this very individual psychological and spiritual healing work we bring consciousness and understanding into traumatic experiences from the past, so that we can live and participate again in life with trust.  more


are   respectful and highly effective methods   for authentic inner changes, for healing and self-exploration. Hypnosis can be the bridge between therapy and meditation.      more                                 

               COUNSELING for  GRIEF and LOSS    

GRIEF- the time that follows the loss of a beloved friend, of a home, a big attachment, or a cherished work,  is a  human and deeply transforming experience. When it seems that our life falls apart, when we are facing the fact that everything in life has to end. Grief is potentially transforming , if allowed and understood, because it breaks the protections around our hard ego personality and makes us aware of our dreams of permanence.It forces us to find meaning in our pain, and to find the immortality of consciousness and of a love that has been lived and shared without any holding back while we were still alive and together.  more

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