DEATH: Mystery, Reality, Illusion

We are all touched by death and will experience some time or other the deeply transforming process that death brings.
These seminars show us ways to meet this experience  with extensive consciousness and to grow through it in life.


Conscious Living - Conscious Dying


What is the secret of life?
The secret of life is death.
When you love, what is the secret of love? Death.
When you meditate, what is the secret of meditation? Death.
Whatever happens that is beautiful and intense,
happens through death.
Whenever you move deep into anything,
life will be at the periphery,
and death will be at the center.






Note: when booking for this process, please let us know your birthdate, exact birthtime and -place( if possible) , as our work will include insights from ESSENTIAL ASTROLOGY for understanding the journey of your soul towards fulfillment and the significance of your life.






Often we fail to live our lives to the fullest because mind is the illusion of time, of past and future. We imagine that there is an infinite amount of time, and so we continue to postpone living an authentic life. The mind ´s tendency is to postpone, and this makes us live in a dream of desires and hopes for the future. Unconsciously we deny the fact of our mortality and close our awareness to what is real and present in front of us. In this way we dream our life rather than live it, and our fear of death continues to diminish the quality of our lives. Only a fearless consciousness can awaken to its full potential.

The art of dying is the art of letting go and of living the present moment as if it were our last, here, now, immersed in it. When we realize the ever changing quality of life, and that death is the only real certainty, a quantum leap can happen in our consciousness. When we awaken to this truth, we are free to live in a deep clarity about what is really essential in life, and what isn´t. When we make a conscious decision to allow the awareness of our mortality to guide us through our life, it will lead us towards the most essential question: who we really are, and what survives death?

The more we are caught in our unconscious fear of death and dying, the less our life can be really fulfilled, because fear prevents us from the fullness of life.We will be more or less afraid of all significant and ecstatic experiences: Love, meditation, sexuality, intimacy, creative expression and authenticity, even if we are longing for it.

Our unconscious fear of death and letting go keeps us in fear of uncertainty and change, which are a natural part of life. Out of these fears we hold on to old beliefs which make us live in fear, misery and the idea of separation.Our fear of death is deeply repressed and usually unconscious. Mostly  it only shows when we are directly concerned with its immensity. when a beloved dies, or when we ourselves are challenged with illness, old age or a life threatening situation.
But our fear shows indirectly in our fear of uncertainty or surrender, in fear of the challenges of life, perhaps in our inability for love and intimacy, in our fear of pain or loneliness, of deep meditation, in avoidance of silence, in clinging to people and old habits, or in our fear of letting go of our ego-personality and its defences.

We donīt need to deal with every single fear, when we recognize that  the roots of all our fears are the fears of the unknown, and that we project all our fears of life onto the unknown of death.Then a conscious understanding of death and dying, and the willingness to learn to let go, are the answer to all our fears and our longing for real love and spiritual fulfillment.

Looking at death from the point of view of what it teaches us about life will transform the quality and vision of your life.This process is valuable for all who want to explore the phenomenon of death, out of personal or professional concerns, as well as for those who want to find the inner motivation for authentic living and new priorities their life.We learn to open for the mystery and the possible gift that death can bring to our life: Nothing can make the urgency for love, compassion and meditation more clear than the fact that we are not here forever.An authentic awakening is only possible when we accept and understand our death .


The group- process will work on these issues:

Transforming fear into love ( because fear is destructive to our consciousness and our love, and all fears are rooted in the fear of death, of the unknown, of letting go).

Meditation as preparation for a conscious loving death , as an experience of our immortal being, and as source of our life energy and joy.

Helping ourselves and others in situations of grief, loss, crisis and change.

Recognizing and healing the incompleteness of our life.

Letting go with love and compassion ; living with strength and vulnerability

Compassion and forgiveness: opening into our heart-chakra and its capacities for healing.

Understanding death as a natural transition creates courage to live life consciously and authentically.

Living with uncertainty, change and impermanence

Looking at our fears of pain,aloneness,loss,and letting go into the unknown.

Participants will experience and learn various methods which not only prepare for a conscious and loving death, but also for all the „small deaths" we have to face in our life: in letting go of attachments and desires,in loss and grief,in changes,aging, sickness, aloneness,impermanence,as well as in the challenges of deep meditation, authentic love and trust,without which our life remains empty and meaningless.