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                                  individual retreat

A retreat is a time of bringing clarity and healing into your life, a time to contact your inner wisdom ,or the healing that comes out of being with yourself without any distraction. Veetman and Sukhi will support this process with their presence, insight and guidance.

An individual retreat is possible any time of the year. It can last one week or longer. A individual retreat can be helpful in times when healing is needed, in times of crisis or change, in times of grief or as a time to find clarity about your life. The idea of a retreat is to be with yourself, in a space of meditation and awareness, optionally in silence, as a way to be focused on the inner sources of clarity , healing,love and strength.

During the retreat you can participate in the daily meditation schedule in Parimal Center, you will have one (or more) daily individual session(s) with Veetman or Sukhi, and you will be supported with certain exercises or meditations to be done alone, in relation to the issue of your retreat ,(optionally with a special diet), and you may treat yourself with bodywork sessions , movement in nature, or relax in the beautiful nature around, or the hot springs in this area.

You can design your individual way of utilizing this special treat to yourself:
•being with nature,
•being alone or in communion with other meditators,
•participate in the daily meditation program at PARIMAL Meditation    Center,
•listen to Osho discourses or see his videos,
•read spiritual literature,
•write a diary, etc.,
•exercising your body.
•clean your body with s special diet.

Please enquire about additional informations and prices from us. Your accomodation will be in PARIMAL Meditation Center , or a nearby hotel of your choice.

Please enquire for room availability, prices of food/accomodation, or if you would like more information on hotels and accomodation nearby.




Parimal OMC

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