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Participants feedback

These workshops in psycho-spiritual care for the dying opened up new ways for me to question my preconceived ideas and deeply ingrained conditionings about Death and Dying.

I was able to dive deep into the unknown guided by two people,Veetman and Sukhi,who are truly living their chosen path with authenticity, compassion and understanding of the human condition (with all its fear,guilt and anger).
Present with their almost tangible love for themselves and others, they helped me safely explore the mystery of it all.

By weaving threads of truthfulness and vulnerability into the fabric of my true Essence, transformation happened on a core level all by itself! Experiencing Death and Dying,Grief and Suffering in an unconventional way free of any dogma or particular spiritual teaching left me with an even deeper yearning than ever before . Like a freshly sharpened pencil, I felt a heightened awareness, aliveness and knowingness that the unexamined life just isn't worth living or dying! In light of the fact that one day I will lose everything, what is it then, moment by moment, that I have to let go of?

I now feel a much greater responsibility towards myself to keep walking awake and alert in the direction I have chosen and it is truly a blessing to have had the chance to work with Veetman.

With his fine tuned  intuition and sensitivity, Veetman was able to keep the group from drifting off into the world of phenomena, getting lost in stories, or avoiding the real issues. 
Sukhi, the perfect match like a sitar accompanying the tabla, gave interludes right  to the point, strong and precise, direct and meaningful, rooted in her knowledge of  Essential Astrology.

Besides the work we did in the psycho-spiritual realm, I acquired a treasure of new insights in the field of Palliative Care and Pain Management. To work with the dying privately with friends or family or within an Organization like Hospice, this training has opened and healed my heart, as much as created space for a more compassionate me. 
                             Pra., Canada

I wanted to thank you all for a fantastic, intense, and insightful group.
I got a lot out of it and, back in the world, I am doing my very best to keep aware of
living those insights, especially about love and totality.

If you and my own inner feelings are right, I may work with the dying someday.
For now, I need some more experience in the world. I will keep meditating regularly
and letting go as much as I can.

It was great to meet you and share some time and space together.
Thank you again for this excellent group!
                          M. , USA

The seminar was a wonderful and outstanding experience for me.
It has helped me very much to find myself even more clearly. How liberating it is to see it now with feelings of happyness where there has been so much fear and doubt before.
I send you a deeply heartfelt "Thank you" for so much I could learn by being with you and through you. I see my life more clearly and have more courage to live in my truth and even to speak it. So many people are searching without knowing what for. They are grateful for a deep sincere human connection and clear words- how grateful I am for such meetings!

After the seminar it was suddenly quite simple to visit my uncle who is suffering from Alzheimer since years, stays in a hospital and is hardly aware of reality. Our souls could meet now, with my new trust this is possible now. The meeting was very joyful for me, as well as for him too, I could feel that.
Meditation has become a natural, almost daily part of my life- the island of stillness, how you call it, helps me to stay in touch with being myself and find deep rest and new energy.

 - E., Austria.

Last week I participated in your first part of the training, and everything slowly settles.
It has been so deep, so amazing, so valuable,  so true, absolutely touching, deeply and heartfelt. I thank you with my open heart. Never before have I participated  in something so valuable and authentic that has deeply transformed me- and I have already done a lot of inner work. I can sense the change of perception that spreads inside myself, and I can allow it.
I often feel the need to be alone in order to integrate everything I have experienced and understood.
                      - Esther, CH -

Words cannot adequately describe how grateful I am for your wonderful seminar I was privileged to attend. It was a profound experience for me. It would have been ideal if I had been able to go back home to absorb and consolidate all that I learned and experienced, Ithink you would say that this is an opportunity Existence is giving me to be in the present and be silent in this situation!

It has been such a privilege to see you in person and be immersed in the silence and meditativeness that emanates from you and Suki all the time. Suki was such a meditative and silent presence and I am privileged to have been in her presence. 

I feel so fortunate that I happened upon your Bardo meditation CD's just after I lost my mother and was searching for meaning and comfort. It was just meant to be, and going all the way to Dharamsala to see you and be part of your seminar is something that is very precious to me. Because of you, I have had the rare opportunity to see the Himalayas for the first time in my life.

I would love to attend this seminar again if you happen to offer it in the US. I also look forward to your training seminars in New York.

Thank you for your kindness and great generosity in sharing such precious insights and guidelines from your experience.

With love and heartfelt thanks,                                M., USA




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