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Institute for Living and Dying

Vordelbacher Str. 12
65388 Schlangenbad- Dramfeld
Fon 06129-5199060
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Transformation of Consciousness

Experience a conscious opening for the return into the ground of being.
Understand the mechanisms of the mental ego and the possibility of liberation from the limitations of the mental ego!
Learn methods for inner transformation from Ego to your Essence !
Integrate the diamond of yourtrue nature which is always present.
Share your transformation in love and presence!

A retreat for those spiritual seekers who come closer to the end of their search and are ready for the insight that you are already  that which you are seeking: oneness, aliveness, freedom, everything and nothing.

This is a retreat about issues like:
- Inner silence and presence
- Inquiry into your true nature
- Letting go of the need to control and to awaken instead the actual capacity of your conscious awareness.
- Awaken the courage to be vulnerable, and to be a warrior in the readyness to meet the unknown and to become one with it
- The courage to be emptiness.
- The end of your dramatic life stories.

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