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Silence- Meditation- Oneness


This retreat opens ways to rest and to live in the true self, in silent awake consciousness.

Silence is not something you develop; it is not something that we create; silence is already present.

As soon as you become aware of your inner silence, there is the state if inner wakefulness.
You are present.

To know means to be silent, completely silent,
so that you can hear the silent inner voice within.
To know means to leave the ordinary mind behind,
When you are completely silent,
When nothing is moving inside you,
the door opens.
You are a part of this mysterious existence.
You know it by becoming a part of it,
by becoming a participant in it.
That´s what it means to know

- the structure of the retreat includes silent meditation techniques
- mindfulness meditations in nature
- Veetman talks about the essentials of meditation and self-inquiry,
   and answers questions
- advanced methods of direct self inquiry
- exploration of  inner guidance
- individual questions will be answered in individual interviews.

The retreat can be extended individually.

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