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We are all touched by death and will experience some time or other
the deeply transforming process that death brings with it.
These trainings show us ways to meet this experience
with expanded consciousness and compassionate care
and to grow through it now in presence and compassion.

While  the prevailing western medical tradition views death as an enemy that has to be fought and opposed,

This  training is a transforming  personal confrontation with the phenomenon of death and dying, a preparation for a conscious, beautiful death, and a training for those coming in contact with death, dying, grief and life crisis.

The  training is also an education for those who come into contact with death and dying in their profession, and for those who feel they would like to work with the dying or to take care of their friends  or beloveds when their time comes. Only through  a deep encounter with the unknown of death can we learn to be unconditionally present when a person moves into death or experiences strong physical or emotional pain. We can only be helpful if we have authentically experienced that death is only a transition, and that our essence is eternal.

The training is a preparation for a conscious death, which is possible when we have accepted and  healed all essential aspects of our being, and have lived so  fully and authentically that we can enter into our eternal being with gratitude, making it possible to surrender into the process of dying, a dissolution of everything that was known and familiar to us.

Then we can be present at the time of death, and have an insight into our eternal being.

This unconditional presence is needed when the dying needs loving honesty and authentic compassion.  

To support the dying  in their profound process is a deeply transforming experience, and an intense meditation about our own impermanence. And yet more essentially it is a reminder  to live our life consciously and  authentically.

we offer a more profound and spiritual way of understanding.

We combine training in working with the dying  with authentic spiritual insight, and find a balance between experiences
from working with the dying and a clear understanding of the processes in dying from the perspective of transpersonal psychology and the wisdom traditions of the world.

New training in english language to be announced

We offer trainings in spiritual care for the dying
in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, USA/ Canada and India.

Impressions of our seminars

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This is an experiental training about accompanying the deeply spiritual transformation which is experienced by the dying,as they return to the source of being in the natural transition of dying.






- Personal experience | the mystery of death and dying
- The spiritual dimensions of dying | From perceived tragedy to experienced grace
- Exploration of our essential being | Who dies?
- Love and Compassion | The heart of healing.
- Compassion and attention in the dying process     ...more
- Working with fears of pain, loneliness, loss and the unknown
- Surrender | The Grace in Dying
- Healing through love and forgiveness
- The art of letting go of attachments and desires
- Disidentification from body and ego- personality
- Understanding and experiencing the stages of dying:
                  From Chaos to Surrender to Transcendence  ...more
- The stages of physical dissolution, and their significance for the dying process
- Impending death: Releasing the unfinished past
- Working with grief and loss. Supporting relatives and family
- Deep levels of relaxation as preparation for a conscious fearless death
- Osho´s meditations for conscious living and dying
- Meditations from various wisdom traditions | Entering the ground of being
- Near death awareness
- Awareness of breath: bridge between body and soul
- The present moment | Doorway to eternity
- Conscious life review | Gratitude and forgiveness
- BARDO and its application in the process of dying         ...on BARDO      ...being with a dying friend
- Gathering conscious treasures of a lifetime          ...more
- Silence in the dying process
- Recognizing, and working with, difficult emotional states
- Evoking courage, strength and vulnerability
- The ultimate healing | From the illusion of separation to the reality of essential oneness
- Realizing and integrating your true nature, your ESSENCE.
- Living with the reality of impermanence and change
- Developing unconditional presence in the face of loss, pain, death and suffering

- Informations on compassionate palliative medicl care
- Celebrating death as a natural transition
The training will look at various aspects of being with death and dying
and the possible healing in situations of grief, loss, crisis, pain, aging and change
Sukhi´s work of essential astrology supports individually the inner work of each participant, by bringing consciousness to the conditioned  egostructures and belief systems that  can prevent our spiritual growth and fulfillment in life.

It shows essential potentials for inner growth and gives insights  into important challenges that we meet along the way.
Understanding the journey of our soul can bring a single- pointedness into our life.

After booking you will receive a comprehensive script for your inner preparation.

Participants will receive a 200 pages manual for each part of the training
receive a certificate after completion of the training (part 1 + 2).
Veetman and Sukhi Masshoefer are directing  the Institute.

Veetman created the Institute 26 years ago, and facilitates these trainings together with Sukhi. He supports the dying in their transition, and has created a constantly expanding CD Program with meditations and transformational processes.

Interview with Veetman                         Participants Feedback

The transformation in conscious dying and ego-death

Seminarcenter to be announced

Seminar fee 495.- EUR

plus costs for food/ accomodation

After booking you will receive a
comprehensive script for your inner preparation.

Participants will receive a
200 pages manual for each part of the training and receive a certificate after completion of the training.

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Videos and galleries

Video |BARDO- The Tibetan Book of the Dead

If you read german | comprehensive library on the process of dying

Life is a dual journey:
one journey is in time and space
the other is within oneself and truth.
The first ends in death,
the second in deathlessness.
The second is the real journey because it takes you somewhere.
Those who take the first journey as it, waste their lives.
The real life begins the day you start the other journey.

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