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Veetman and Sukhi Masshöfer

VEETMAN  Masshöfer  is a spiritual teacher and directing the Institute. He is working in the areas of spiritual therapy, meditation, essential realization, and the art of dying.
Veetman  works with seminars , trainings, spiritual therapy, and  supports the dying in their final passage. He is a spiritual friend to those seeking inner freedom and fulfillment.  
He has created  the meditation "Bardo- Awakening from the Dream", and many other CDs related to vital issues  of conscious living and dying.

"My work with people happens out of my own life experience,  on my way through pain and traumatic eyperience towards deep healing and a conscious life. I share my work and my spiritual insight with clarity, compassion, and love.
My purpose is to bring qualities like freedom, love, courage, gratefulness and awareness into our life and death. I work with those who are open to  participate  actively  and with responsibility  in their healing and their realization. "

SUKHI  Masshoefer is co-directing the Institute. She is a natural practitioner and works therapeutically in seminars and individually  with her insights from Essential Astrology.

Sukhi is trained in Gestalt- and Reincarnationtherapy, Tarot, Astrology, Avatar,  and "The Art of Dying". 

"To recognize the psychological pattern of  a person, as it is indicated in the birth horoscope, has become an important presupposition for inner transformational work. To interpret these clear indications as the path of the soul through this life, and to transmit them as an orientation for the next steps towards inner growth, is an important purpose and a great joy for me."



,,A woman goes to Buddha:her child is dead and she is crying and she is weeping,and she is a widow,and she will never have another child and the only child is dead,and that was all her love and all her attention.She goes crying and weeping to Buddha... What did Buddha do? Buddha smiled and said to her:' You go into the town and just find a few mustard seeds from a house where nobody has ever died'.

And the woman rushed into the town, and she went to each house.And wherever she went they said: We can give you as many mustard seeds as you want,but the condition will not be fulfilled because so many people have died in our house.And woman,don't be mad! Buddha has played a trick on you.You will not find a single house on the whole earth.'

But she hoped: Maybe .. .who knows? There may be some house that has not known death'. And she went around and around the whole day. By the evening a great understanding had dawned on her:

,Death is part of life; it happens. it is not something personal, it is not something like a personal calamity that has happened to me'. With that understanding she went to Buddha.

He asked: , Where are the mustard seeds? And she smiled. . and she said: You did it!

She fell at his feet and said: Initiate me. I would like to know that which never dies. don´t ask for my child, because even if he is given to me, he will die again. So what is the point? Teach me something so that I can know inside myself that which never dies'.

                       Who we are


Our  work is deeply inspired by the presence of the mystic OSHO,  
and a deep connection with our spiritual teacher ADYASHANTI.

All the mystics of past and present are sharing a universal truth, helping  people to continue growing towards higher states of consciousness and love



Our Work  

Our work is an expression of a life affirmative vision of life and death. This vision includes our daily life in this world, our spiritual journey,  our inescapable  physical death, as well as our inner being with its qualities of love, trust, freedom, presence and consciousness. 

We offer our work for those who are,  in their search for truth and fulfillment, open to go beyond  old  accumulated beliefs and philosophies in order to look for their own authentic truth. Only the authentic experiences and insights are really supportive on the way to freedom and fulfillment,  all borrowed dogmas and belief-systems  don´t help us to become mature and spiritually healthy.Only that which has become an  indestructable part of our consciousness will help us in difficult moments, and will then be with us in the moments of death, the peak of a conscious life.

Our intention is to integrate our spiritual experienes into our daily life in such a way that we can `be in the world but not of it´.

The confrontation with the issues of conscious dying is only one aspect of our work  
Living and Dying in the Light of Consciousness

Our work in the institute contains  seminars and individual therapy, trainings, essential development, meditation, hypnosis, self hypnosis, and essential astrology.

We work with a powerful synthesis of meditation techniques and contemporary psychological insights, deep relaxation and  a clear understanding of the ego-personality and the integration and development of  human essence,that potential for spiritual fulfillment and  realization of the highest level of human consciousness.



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